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Why Track Numbers?

Updated: Aug 25

We are big, big believers in tracking your numbers. We're not just talking about your weight (although, it is an important number to track).

In terms of fitness, you should be tracking as much data as possible. The number on the scale is definitely not the only measure of your fitness. In fact, the more you lean out, the less that number is likely to change.

Other things you should be tracking in your body include: your body fat percentage, your body fat mass, and your muscle mass. All of these can be measured using an InBody scanner. When measuring these things, you want to keep track of the trends. Is your body fat consistently going up? You probably need to make some changes to your diet. Is your muscle mass decreasing? You probably need to be lifting more weight.

Other measures of fitness include the amount of weight you can lift in each lift. A good app to keep track of these kinds of numbers is Wodify (if you are a Live Ready Fitness member, this is the platform we use). If you're not part of a gym that uses Wodify, another good option is MyWod. The reason we want to measure each lift is to see trends. Are you getting stronger in your squats, but weaker in your shoulder press? There's probably an imbalance happening in your training.

The next measure of fitness that we keep track of is your cardiovascular stamina. Simply put, we keep track of how long it takes us to finish a workout. Every few months, we will repeat certain workouts to test our level of fitness. If we don't keep track of the times we got, there's really no measure to compare our times to.

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