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Why New Years Resolutions Fail

It’s true. 80% of all New Years Resolutions fail in the beginning of February.

And only 8% of people keep their New Years Resolutions for the rest of the year.


It’s not a lack of discipline (though you probably think it is). It is a lack of knowledge, and accountability.

We all know New Years Resolutions are notorious for being failures, so why do we even make them?

If 80% of us are failing by February, we might need to look at our goals...

We are programmed to desire things. Desire to make ourselves better is probably #1 on all of our lists. “Better” being smarter, fitter, more spiritual, more peaceful, more confident, more secure, whatever it is that you’re chasing after. January 1st seems to be a time that the human race wants to improve themselves. Which is great. But if 80% of us are failing by February, we might need to look at our goals, or the ways we are pursuing them.

Jumping into something in January does not guarantee success. If you decided to climb Mt. Everest on January 1st, would you get on a plane to Nepal without having ever climbed a mountain before? Or without the friend who’s going to climb with you? We sincerely hope you wouldn’t.

We should treat our health and fitness the same. Jumping into a new diet, or getting a new gym membership without understanding what YOUR body specifically needs is a recipe for early February failure.

Here are some things to do to increase your likelihood of keeping your New Years Resolution for the rest of the year (and your life):

  • Grab a friend. Your chances of completing anything you set out to do increase by 537% if you do it with somebody who will hold you accountable. ( ⬅️ made up stat. But still relevant).

  • Get a coach. A coach won’t just hold you accountable, a good one will also teach you sustainable steps to take to ensure your success for the rest of your life.

  • Do your research. Whether your goal is to become fit, or learn how to make a budget…finding the best gyms, apps, personal trainers, accountants, etc. before you start your resolution will do wonders.

  • Join a program. If you want to learn to ski, take skiing lessons. If you want to cook, take cooking classes. If you want to become fit, join a program that will teach you how to eat and exercise in the ways that are best for YOUR body and YOUR lifestyle.

If you’re ready for 2021 to be your fittest year yet, sign up for our Lose your Quarantine 15 New Years Program beginning January 2.

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