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The Least Expensive Way to Start Losing Weight

She wanted to lose weight and tone up, and started her journey, but couldn't afford a long term gym membership.

We want to highlight this awesome lady, who took matters into her own hands when she found out that she wouldn't be able to afford to stay at the gym.

Marissa joined our Exhausted to Energized program several months ago, and immediately we started to see results in her. We started to see her confidence grow. She went from barely speaking in class to talking to the staff, and members on a regular basis. She went from never having worked out before, to lifting a barbell over her head with confidence. She also lost 3% body fat in 6 weeks. No small feat!

At the end of the program, Marissa found out that she wouldn't be able to afford to continue at the gym until her work schedule picked up. Of course the staff was super disappointed to see her go, but we knew that she was being sincere, and that she would come back once her work picked up.

During her time away, Marissa impressed us all by taking the things she learned in our program, and applied them in her daily life. She continued to use the Balanced Plate method for her meals; she started taking her kids on regular walks/hikes; and she used odd objects like logs, rocks, and water bottles to lift weights.

Marissa made an investment of $400 to get her started on her fitness journey. That $400 lasted her 6 months, and gave her new knowledge, confidence, and inspiration to keep getting fitter until she could come back to the gym.

We couldn't be prouder of all the steps she has taken, and are so glad that we can be a part!

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