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The Importance of the Pipe

Updated: Aug 26

We know that the PCV pipe seems like the most boring of all the gym equipment. Who wants to lift a 2lb pipe when you're thinking of lifting a 200lb barbell?

Let us tell you about the importance of the PVC pipe.

Using the PVC pipe before lifting is like putting wiper fluid in your car before driving. While not completely necessary to make the car go, things will go a lot smoother with wiper fluid. The PVC pipe gets your central nervous system ready to do the exact same movements with a heavier weight.

Mastering the mechanics of each movement with a PVC pipe also allows your muscles to properly warm up before adding weight to each movement. It also allows your coach to see any kind of abnormality in your movements.

Something we hear a lot is "I can't do this correctly with a PVC pipe. If I was doing it with weight, it would be better." We're going to be honest here. That is like saying "I can't do a push up, but I would be able to bench press my body weight, given the opportunity." It makes no sense, and if that is the case, there is something seriously wrong with your push ups.

The PVC pipe is probably the most underrated piece of equipment in any functional fitness gym. Our advice is to utilize it. Put your ego aside, and master the movements with the pipe before grabbing a barbell. We promise you, and your nervous system, won't regret it.

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