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Some Supplements We Recommend

Updated: Aug 25

We know there is a huge drive to find the "right supplement" to help with your goals. Whether they are weight loss, weight gain, toning up, muscle gain, or performance improvements...there seems to be a supplement out there for everything.

Most supplements are nothing but a marketing scheme

Here's the thing: most supplements are nothing but a marketing scheme. If there is a supplement that promises weight loss at an unnaturally quick rate, we promise you that it's a placebo, and nothing else. Either that, or it is something that you body is not designed to intake, and will have some very unwanted side effects.

There are some supplements that we do recommend

With that said, there are some supplements that we do recommend. Here is a list of them:

  • Fish oil - fish oil is a great addition to the diet to help reduce inflammation. It increases your omega-3 fatty acids (the kind thats good for your heart). Fish oil has also been shown to reduce cholesterol.

  • Vitamin D - vitamin D deficiency is very common in most people. A vitamin D deficiency can affect performance, recovery, and hormonal output. We recommend supplementing with 2000-5000 international units daily.

  • Magnesium - magnesium is under consumed in the typical western diet. With under consumption comes increased inflammation. Magnesium is also essential for energy production, making it necessary for extended activity. We recommend females take 300mg and males take 400mg with their last meal of the day.

  • Vitamin C - benefits of vitamin C supplementation range from immune system function to cardiovascular health. We recommend taking 500 to 2000mg every night.

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