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Please Stop Crash Dieting

By now, you probably know that nutrition is KEY to getting to your fitness goals. Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about a popular new “diet”.

Turns out, it is the latest in a long string of overly-popular crash diets. Basically, you buy all of their “supplements” and start to rapidly lose weight. The problem is that you’re losing weight because you’re eating less than 1,000 calories per day. And 6 months later, you’re back at your starting weight because you’ve spent months being hungry.

By age 4, a child needs 1,200 calories per day.

That is not sustainable for any human adult. In fact, a healthy one year old eats about 900 calories per day. Read that again. A ONE YEAR OLD needs 900 calories per day. By age 4, a child needs 1,200 calories per day. And by age 9, they need 1,600 calories per day.*

You get the idea. As an adult, you should be eating FAR more calories than a one year old needs to consume. To successfully change your diet and lose weight, you need to be EATING REAL FOOD. And probably more of it than you think.

In the latest episode of the Live Ready Fitness Podcast, Coach Elliott and Paola Dunaway, a nutrition coach local to Columbus, GA, and all around badass, talk about the dangers of crash diets. They also hit on some basics that everyone trying to take back control of their life through fitness and nutrition need to know.

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