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Active Recovery vs. Rest Days

Updated: Aug 17

We know that our culture tells us to never rest, and that we can sleep when we're dead. We are asking you to stop that thought cycle, and take multiple rest and/or active recovery days per week. We know it sounds crazy, but our bodies need rest in order to keep burning fat. Muscles build during recovery.

That said, there are two types of non-workout days that we recommend. The first is active recovery and the second is a true rest day. We recommend taking at least one active recovery day, and one true rest day per week. That would mean that you're working out 5 days a week. That is the maximum workout days we recommend, and we would go so far to say that working out 4 days a week is just as effective.

What is an active recovery day?

You might be asking yourself what an active recovery day is. The basics of active recovery are doing something active (to state the obvious) but not letting your heart rate rise significantly. You should not be exerting more than 60% of your energy on an active recovery day. Some examples of things to do on an active recovery day are going for a walk, hiking, a low impact sport, a light swim, etc. Something that you can sustain without breathing too hard.

The most basic way to explain a rest day is to sit on your couch. Binge Netflix, and have somebody else make your meals. We know this isn't feasible for all of us, but you get the idea. Little to no activity on rest days. Again, we know this seems counter productive, especially in our "do all the things, be busy all the time" culture, but we is a productive activity.

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